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Find and reserve a Boston Airport Shuttle service including popular shared ride services such as Super Shuttle Blue Van transportation service for only $19.00 per person.  Whether you're traveling alone, on business or for pleasure, or with a group of friend or family with a ton of luggage, eager to see Fenway Park or Backbay, has a complete Guide of ground transportation at Boston Logan Airport.


Transportation Needs & Key Facts


  • Number of shared shuttle ride providers: 3
  • Best Rated: GO Boston Airport Shuttle
  • Most Used: Logan Express
  • Cheapest: Silver Line

Top Frequented Boston Hotels,
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Popular Shuttle Routes From BOS

Boston Logan Int'l Airport Shuttle Companies

Is it your first time at BOS? Below are the important things you need to know getting to and from the airport.
First, the address:

Boston (BOS) Logan Airport Address

1 Harborside Dr, Boston, MA 02128, USA
We recommend visiting the airports website for good turn by turn directions to Logan Airport.  Compare top Logan airport parking operators within 5 minutes from the terminal on Thrifty Airport Parking is one of the top parking brands in the area.
Boston Airport Map

Airport Transportation at Boston Logan to downtown Boston includes the following: Taxi, Limo, Bus, Shuttle, Rideshare, Airport Parking and Car Rental.

Logan Airport Shuttle to:
Service Type
Travel Time
Est. Cost
Newburyport, MA
35.3 miles
56 mins
C&J Bus Company
$22.00 USD
Portsmouth, NH
58 miles
1h 5 mins
C&J Bus Company
$24.00 USD
Dover, NH
67.5 miles
1h 15 mins
C&J Bus Company
$24.00 USD

Shared Ride Airport Shuttles (BOS)

(800) 245-2525
(617) 869-7760
(773) 363-0001

Park & Ride Service to Boston Logan Airport

Cheapest way to Boston Logan Airport via Park and Ride  Locations provided by FlightLine
Price per person
$35.00+ USD
$62.00+ USD
Manchester / Manchester MHT Airport
$85.00+ USD
$62.00+ USD
$62.00+ USD
$35.00+ USD
$62.00+ USD


Uber and Lyft


Uber and Lyft are available for pickup and drop off services to and from Boston Logan Airport with an airport fee of $3.25 if it’s a pickup from the airport. You can either book for a shared ride or an exclusive one. To book for their services, you can download their booking apps on your phone or tablet from Google Play if you’re using Android, and from the App Store if you’re using an iPad/iPhone.

NOTE: Upon booking a ride from their applications, do take note of the driver’s name, plate number, and vehicle type and color in person before entering the vehicle. Drivers are not allowed to solicit any cash as all payment should be made prepaid through the app.
There are designated areas where you can only get picked up and dropped off at the airport which you can read more about here

Approximate fare cost to and from the greater Boston area (including Faneuil Hall, Boston University, Seaport District, Commuter rail):

  • UberX: $14-25
  • UberPool: $10-15
  • UberXL: $24-28
  • Black: $31-36
  • Black SUV: $40-45
  • WAV: $14-20
  • Lyft Shared: $9-11
  • Lyft (4-seater): $13-19
  • Lyft XL (6-seater) - $21-27
  • Lyft Lux: $24-30
  • Lux Black: $36-40
  • Lux Black XL: $39-45

Surge Pricing nor hidden fees are included

Airport Taxi

Boston Logan Airport is approximately 15-25 min from the downtown area depending on traffic, so you could consider taking a taxi to be a great option.
All taxi vehicles are metered and you could find them in the ‘Arrivals’ level of each terminal at Boston Logan Airport. Wheelchair accessible taxi vehicles are available per request before your arrival. You can contact these taxi companies, which service Boston Logan Airport 24 hours, below:
(617) 576-9800
(617) 782 5500
(617) 923 9003
(617) 268 1313
  • First 1/7 mile: $ 2.60
  • Each mile thereafter: $ 0.40
  • Idling/Waiting time: $ 28.00 / hour
  • Beyond 20 miles from Boston: flat rate of $ 3.20

Airport Hotels with Shuttle - Boston Logan Airport

Looking for a place to stay before your flight at Boston Logan Airport? Checkout these top airport hotels that provide complimentary shuttle services to and from the airport:
Hotel Contact Number
(617) 568-6800
(617) 568-1234
(617) 567-5000
(617) 567-6789
(617) 569-5250 
(781) 286-5665
(617) 887-0290 
(781) 485-3600
(617) 884-3330
(781) 284-3663
(617) 889-9990 
(617) 884-2900
(617) 660-9110

Boston Logan Airport Map

Boston Logan Airport Map


There are numerous limousine services at Boston Logan Airport. Three of which are:
Contact Number
(800) 822-5456
(781) 942-1278
Worcester Airport Limousine
Out of business as of March 1 2019

Car Rental

Provided are the list of car rental companies with their contact number and website linked below:
Contact Number
(617) 567-4140
(800) 462-5266
(617) 568-6600
(617) 497-3733
(866) 434-2226
(800) 736-8222
Contact Number
(800) 277-5171
(800) 654-4173
(800) 227-7368
(617) 561-0139
(877) 283-0898
(866) 494-7227
Car rentals at Boston Logan Airport are located at the Rental Car Center. To get to the Center, take the free Massport shuttle bus, which runs between 5 to 6 minutes, at the curbside on the lower level of each terminal.

Massport Shuttle Bus

By taking Massport shuttle buses, which are free and runs between 5 to 6 minutes at the curbside on the lower level of each terminal, it’s easier to get to and from the terminals, the water transportation dock, the rental car center, and the MBTA Blue Line Subway. For more information about Massport shuttle bus services, you can call (617) 561-3452.
Shuttle Bus #
To Terminals A and B, subway station and Rental Car Center
Midday Peak Hours
To Terminals C and E, subway station and Rental Car Center
Midday Peak Hours
To all Terminals, subway station and Rental Car Center
Early morning and late evening off-peak hours
To all Terminals, subway station, LOC, Water Transportation Dock
To all Terminals, A, B, C, and E (it doesn’t stop at the subway station)
To all Terminals, A, B, C, E, and Economy Parking Garage

MBTA and Inter Terminal Transportation

The Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) provides different routes to and from and within Logan Airport.
Blue Line Subway and Silver Line Bus Rapid Transit service run between BOS Airport and the downtown area, and the terminals within the airport.
Click here to know further information about the MBTA.
Other ways of transferring between terminals aside from MBTA and Massport:
  • Take people moving walkways that links Terminals A, B, and E.
  • Proceed to the Central Parking that connects Terminals A, B, C, and E.

Boston Logan Water Shuttle

If you’re not in a hurry, one of the best and breath-taking ways to enjoy the beautiful view of the city is by taking the water shuttles and taxis from the airport to the downtown area, which is a less than an hour trip. You can also take them to get to waterfront destinations in Boston Inner Harbour, Hingham and Hull on the South Shore.
How to get to the Water Transportation Dock?
  • Take the free Massport shuttle bus. Look for shuttle bus 66, which travels to the Water Transportation Dock, including all terminals, subway station, and LOC.
Water taxi companies at Boston Logan Airport:
Contact Information
(617) 227-4320
  • $15 One-way
  • $3 Children (3-11)
  • Free of charge for children under 3 years
  • $120 10-Ride Pass
  • $350 30-day Pass
(617) 406-8584
  • $12 for a 7-minute trip
  • $20 round-trip
  • Cruise Ship Special - $25 round-trip
Inner Harbour locations (Downtown, North End, Seaport, East Boston (Airport)

Public Transportation

Via Logan Express
Logan Express is a nonstop bus service to and from the airport. It goes to all four terminals at the airport and goes between Braintree, Woburn, Peabody, Framingham, and Back Bay, in which all have full-service bus terminals and parking. The daily parking rate costs $7.
Allow time for loading luggage, parking, and purchasing bus tickets as the bus leaves exactly on time and will not wait for anyone.
The buses have free Wi-Fi. You can ask the driver for the password.
For more information about Logan Express, you can reach them at their 24-hour operating hotline: (800) 262-3335

Logan Express Terminal Address, Contact Information, and Schedule:


Back Bay
Route Stops:
To Airport
  • Hynes Convention Center, 900 Boylston Street (opposite Gloucester Street)
  • Copley T Station, 650 Boylston Street (near Boston Public Library)
  • Terminal A, B, C, E (Departures Level drop-off)
From Airport
  • Terminal A, B, C, E (Arrivals Level pick-up at Logan Express stops)
  • Copley Square, St. James Avenue
  • Hynes Convention Center
Leaving Hynes Convention Center: Daily from 5 AM - 9 PM
Leaving Boston Logan Airport:
Daily from 6 AM - 10 PM 
Runs on a 20-minute schedule
100 Atlantic Ave, Woburn, MA 0180
Contact information: (781) 721-0373
Leaving Woburn:
M-F - Early Bird Trips - 2:15 AM, 3 AM and 3:30 AM
4 AM - 11 PM every half hour
SAT - Early Bird trips - 2:15 AM, 3 AM, 3:30 AM, 4 AM, 4:30 AM & 5:30 AM
6 AM - 10 PM every hour
SUN - Early Bird trips - 2:15 AM, 3 AM, 3:30 AM, 4 AM, 4:30 AM & 5:30 AM 
6 AM - 12 NN every hour
12 NN - 11 PM every half hour
Leaving Boston Logan Airport:
M-F - 6:30 AM - Midnight every half hour - and 1:15 AM
SAT - 7 AM - 11 PM every hour - and 12:15 AM
SUN - 7 AM - 1 PM every hour 
1 PM - 12 MN every half hour - and 1:15 AM
164 Newbury Street, Peabody, MA 01960
Contact information: (978) 536-5081
Leaving Peabody:
Daily - Early Bird Trip - 3:15 AM
4:15 AM - 10:15 PM every hour
Leaving Boston Logan Airport:
Daily - 4:15 AM - 12:15 AM every hour - and 1:15 AM
11 Burr Street Extension, Framingham, MA 01760
Contact information: (508) 872-8521
Leaving Framingham:
M-F - Early Bird Trips – 2:15 AM & 3:15 AM
Every Half Hour - 4 AM - 11 PM
SAT-SUN Early Bird Trips – 2:15 AM, 3:15 AM, 4 AM, 4:30 AM & 5:30 AM
Every Hour – 6 AM – 12 NN
Every Half Hour - 12 NN – 11 PM 
Leaving Boston Logan Airport:
M-F - Every Half Hour - 6:30 AM – 12 MN; and 1:15 AM (next day)
SAT-SUN - Every Hour - 7 AM - 1 PM 
Every Half Hour - 1 PM – 12 MN; and 1:15 AM (next day)
262 Forbes Road, Braintree, MA 02184
Contact information: (781) 843-0283
Leaving Braintree
M-F - Early Bird Trips 2:15 AM, 2:30 AM, 3 AM, 3:15 AM, 3:30 AM, and 3:45 AM
Every Half Hour - 4 AM - 11 PM
SAT-SUN - Early Bird Trips - 2:15 AM, 3 AM, 3:15 AM, 3:30 AM, 4 AM, 4:30 AM & 5:30 AM 
Every Hour - 6 AM - 11 AM 
Every Half Hour - 11 AM - 11 PM
Leaving Boston Logan Airport:
M-F - Every Half Hour - 6:30 AM - 12 MN, and 1:15 AM (next day)
SAT-SUN - Every Hour - 7 AM - 11 AM
Every Half Hour - 11 AM - 12 MN, and 1:15 AM (next day)
Where do I find the Logan Express at the airport?
You can find the Logan Express at the lower level of all terminals. For Terminal B, it is at Stop 1 and 2.
How long is the travel time?
The travel time is approximately 30-45 minutes depending on traffic.
How do I purchase the ticket/s?
For trips from Logan Express terminals, tickets must be purchased from there and cannot be purchased from the airport. If the trip is from the airport, you can purchase the ticket on board the bus. You can also purchase for round-trip. Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Diners Club are accepted for payment.
How much does the fare cost?
Back Bay
  • One-way: $17 by credit card and debit card only
  • One-way fare showing valid MBTA pass: $3.00 by credit/debit card only
  • Adult One-way: $12
  • Round-trip: $22
  • Senior (65 years old and above) One-way: $11
  • Round-trip: $20
  • Children (17 years old and under) are free of charge when traveling with family
  • Discounted Ticket Books: $75.00 for 10 one-way trips (only one ticket from book can be used per trip)
Are the vehicles wheelchair accessible?
Yes, all Back Bay buses are wheelchair accessible.
For Woburn, Peabody, Framingham, and Braintree, wheelchair accessible coaches are available with a 24-hour advance notice. Provided below are the phone numbers, where you can contact for each terminal, regarding with their wheelchair accessible coaches:
Contact Information
(617) 889-5899
(781) 592-0100
(508) 865-6000
(617) 889-5899
Other bus company providers available at Boston Logan Airport:
Contact Information
(800) 639-8080
New Hampshire communities and surrounding areas of Manchester, Londonderry, Salem, Nashua, and Tyngsborough, MA.
(800) 258-7111
Communities in the Seacoast of New Hampshire, York County, Maine, and Newburyport, MA.
(800) 639-3317
Communities in New Hampshire’s North Country and the Greater Concord Region.
Maine in Portland, Augusta, Bangor, and the communities along the Maine Seacoast.
(800) 637-0123
Communities in New Hampshire’s Upper Valley and the Greater Lebanon Region.
  • (800) 751-8800
  • (800) 343-9999
100 communities throughout the Northeast including the Cape & Islands, Southeastern and Western Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut.
  • (508) 746-0378
  • (508) 778-9767
South Shore and Cape Cod including Rockland, Kingston, Plymouth, Sagamore, Barnstable, Hyannis, Harwich, Orleans, Eastham, Wellfleet, Truro, and Provincetown.

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